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10 Insightful Content Marketing Metrics You Should Measure

0 SharesDecember 04, 2013

Consumer interests and needs keep changing every second today due to the increasing number of choices available to them and marketers are racking their brains to chart out a successful, engaging content strategy for Facebook and other social channels.Every marketer is pulling new tricks from his magic hat to somehow crack the secret behind engaging […] Read more..


The Youth’s Outlook on Facebook for 2014

3 SharesDecember 03, 2013

For the past six months, I’ve been part of precisely 43 discussions that center around the topic “Kids are leaving Facebook”. Ever since news leaked of a slight dip in the number of teens on Facebook, social media enthusiasts have been trying to come up with the reason for why kids are abandoning Facebook and […] Read more..


4 Awesome Facebook Photo Contests to Learn From

0 SharesNovember 29, 2013

There’s a Facebook Photo Contest around every corner these days. Turn over a rock on the side of the street and there’ll be a photo contest lurking somewhere there. It’s become a little hard to generate traction with a Photo Contest – unless of course, there’s thought and creativity behind it, and a good social […] Read more..


The YouTube Comments Saga

0 SharesNovember 27, 2013

The YouTube comments section is home to some of the vilest things that have been said in history. It’s is a place where most people talk about each others’ moms and their sexual orientation, all on a video featuring a puppy getting a bath for the first time. If it’s not enough that YouTube commenters […] Read more..


A Lesson in Content – The Content Marketing Playbook

0 SharesNovember 26, 2013

The Content Marketing Institute is one of my favorite sources of getting great content, because let’s face it – they are the Content Marketing Institute. It’s hard to live up to a name that’s so concise, but time and time again – they manage to pull it off. With their 2013 Content Marketing Playbook – […] Read more..


Social Media Manager Spotlight: Tia Kelly

0 SharesNovember 25, 2013

Close to the end of October, we launched our¬†Social Media Examiner Quiz, one that tests your expertise as a social media manager across a multitude of skills and fields. Over 600 social media managers and digital marketers have taken the quiz so far – and it’s been very close! Out of a highest possible score […] Read more..

Facebook Campaign Mistakes

8 Big Mistakes YOU are guilty of when you run Facebook campaigns

0 SharesNovember 16, 2013

I have been a part of over a 100 major brand campaigns on Facebook. Here are the eight BIG MISTAKES that I have made and I have seen YOU - Ms. marketer, brand manager and account manager make! Read more..