Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Apps

We’re often asked this question about Facebook Apps – what are they and how do I use them? So we decided to go ahead and put together a crash course on Facebook Apps together on an infographic – something that the internet absolutely loves. Simply put, you should think of Facebook Apps as small websites that reside on your Facebook page that allow you to give your fans an experience and functionality that goes beyond the realm of what Facebook can offer by itself.

Social media marketers use Facebook Apps to run contests, sell products, get feedback, run quizzes and so much more. If you’re looking to give your fans a fresh experience, to cut through the clutter and do something awesome – then you should get a Facebook app for your page right now!

Here’s our guide to absolutely everything you need to know about Facebook Apps!

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Apps - What Are Facebook Apps and Facebook Page Apps - Circus Social


Avtar Ram Singh

A social media and digital marketing enthusiast - Avtar helps social media managers and marketers get more out of their digital presence. He appreciates good EDM music and well made Sci-Fi movies, and is on a first name basis with Brad Pitt and Cristiano Ronaldo.


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