The End Is Not Near, It’s Here

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So maybe we’re being a little dramatic.

But really, what else is there to do? After the recent change in the Facebook newsfeed algorithm which has seen organic reach of Facebook pages drop to an all-time low – the message from Facebook is clear. Facebook is no longer a free platform for marketers to generate sales and leads, it’s a straight up marketing platform for you to pay to get your message out there.

Thing of the Facebook newsfeed as a dynamic billboard, and to get coverage on it – you must pay. It’s only logical. But pay how? And for what?

In my time with figuring out how to use Facebook ads, I’ve done a huge amount of optimization and testing. I’ve targeted different markets, different people, different interests, different behaviors, different ages, I’ve used custom audiences, I’ve used retargeting – I’ve optimized based on the color of underwear users wear, absolutely everything!

And as a result of doing all of that, I’ve made a couple of deductions. Some stuff that I’ve put into this infographic that looks at Facebook ads and talks about them – and more importantly, how to use Facebook ads.

The End-Infographic-FINAL

More experienced marketers out there will agree. Running page like ads is no longer viable, it doesn’t do very much for you. Running post engagement ads just to get more likes and shares isn’t going to help you out a huge amount in terms of getting a tangible result either. Running a “Clicks to Website” ad, that’ll work better because you’re looking at sending more traffic to your website – and thereby not relying on Facebook as the sole platform.

Grow your marketing list. Run a campaign.

Think like a traditional marketer. Those guys knew how to get stuff done and they still do. We are no different. At the basic level, marketing is all the same – and it always has been. In order for you to get the most out of your Facebook marketing and ad efforts, make sure you’re executing a campaign!

It helps you:

  • Generate some brand recognition, as well as give you the opportunity to get some PR coverage.
  • Generate an e-mail list of people that you can later reach out to.
  • Do away with the whole fake participation and what not – you only get real hardcore engagement
  • To keep your boss happy, you’ll still generate a fair amount of likes for your page (as a vanity metric of course)
  • Get some long term engagement from your fans around a campaign that you’ve set up

Realizing that Facebook should not be the place where you execute all your marketing, it is borrowed space after all – we decided that we’d tweak our plug and play Facebook page apps solution and let our users also embed their contests onto their websites and blogs. So you don’t have to rely on Facebook forever.

Our plug and play tool allows you to run some absolutely amazing Facebook contests and set up Facebook page apps. If you haven’t seen it yet – you should definitely check it out. You can run photo contests, sweepstakes giveaways and video contests, all from just $1/month!

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Avtar Ram Singh

A social media and digital marketing enthusiast - Avtar helps social media managers and marketers get more out of their digital presence. He appreciates good EDM music and well made Sci-Fi movies, and is on a first name basis with Brad Pitt and Cristiano Ronaldo.


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